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Over our lifetimes, the average person spends around 90,000 hours in the workplace. It’s our responsibility to make these spaces better for everyone.


Healthcare places huge demands on architecture — no matter if it’s a waiting room in a local surgery or the intense environment of the operating theatre. In every space, there’s a host of considerations critical to lives.


Having an education that will last a lifetime is down to outstanding, inspirational teachers that deliver learning with knowledge and passion – but these tutors need the right spaces in which to do this.


Our world is always in motion – billions of people travelling from city to city, continent to continent. And the buildings in which they arrive and depart need to play their part in making every journey better.

Hospitality & Leisure

Rest and relaxation is crucial for everyone’s way of life – especially as everyone’s way of life is different. But whatever people get up to in their downtime, their leisure spaces should be as enriching as their pastimes.


The path to purchase is never straightforward. There’s a world of factors along the way that can sway a decision. And a major one of these is the retail environment – and the experience it creates.

Black & Colour

Colour defines the ambience of a room, playing an essential role in stimulating mood and changing people’s entire experience of a space.