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Ceiling tiles that prevent the build up of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Anti-microbial mineral ceiling tiles are treated with BioGuard coating to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

The control of bio-contamination is essential in the healthcare sector, especially in hospitals and clinics.


BioGuard is a special treatment applied to Knauf Armstrong mineral and metal tiles. The BioGuard paint provides excellent water-repellency allowing frequent cleaning and can be cleaned with diluted disinfectants containing active agents such as Quaternary Ammonium, Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine.


Products with the BioGuard finish provide protection against bio-contamination by preventing the settlement of micro-organisms that land on the surface of the tile and thus the build-up of bacteria, mould and yeast.   


  • All zones from category 1 to 6 in hospitals and clinics.