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Discover how to install ceiling and grid systems and service integration for Knauf Armstrong Ceiling Solutions products.





Prelude 24 TL² grid with a Tegular tile

Prelude 24 XL² grid with a Vector tile



Prelude 24 XL² grid with a Tegular tile

Silhouette XL² grid with a MicroLook 90 tile



System Z - L-Bar Grid with an Ultima+ Finesse Tile

 System-Z corridor – Z-Bar grid with a SL2 plank



Metal Q-Clip System on U-Profile Grid

Mesh R-H 215 System on U-Profile System with H35 Profiles



Metal V-P 500 Baffles on U-Profile System

CCTV Camera Integration



Modular HVAC System Integration

Downlight Lighting System Integration



Fire Detection System Integration

Spotlight Lighting System Integration



Ventilation System Integration

Modular Lighting System Integration



Speaker System System Integration