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Leave the “noise” behind – the clutter of lighting, air diffusers and returns, sprinkler systems, and unwanted sound – that busy the ceiling plane.

TechZone easily organizes these systems into 100mm and 150mm wide technical zones. A range of compatible fixtures from our partner companies have been prequalified for fit and finish. The result: a clean, monolithic look using standard ceiling panels and suspension systems.

  • Standard ceiling and suspension system components create a custom look.
  • Coordinated fit and finish across ceilings, suspension systems, light fixtures and air diffusers from leading industry partners.
  • TechZone integrates with standard, pre-engineered Axiom Perimeter Solutions, Axiom Transitions, Axiom Profiles and Standard perimeter solutions.
  • A good choice of field panel sizes and layouts accommodating building module and technical zone spacing.
  • Excellent performance attributes that you look for in a ceiling system.